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Hidden Harbor Marina
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About the Erie Canal
Proclaimed "the eighth wonder of the world" it was the boldest, most heroic, technologically challenging achievement ever undertaken by this country. The Canallers, real and folk characters that lived and worked on the canal, are gone but their legacy lives on as one of the country's greatest treasures. Stretching 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo, it's the longest canal in the world.  "Clinton's ditch" is rich in history, folklore and natural beauty.
As the canal passes Montezuma Wildlife Refuge you’ll find a birdwatchers paradise with 315 species of birds identified since its establishment in 1937.
The Northeast United States has among the most beautiful foliage displays in the world!  This part of the country is particularly blessed with a great variety of broad-leaved trees, which help give the region’s foliage a spectacular color range. New York State has almost as many acres of these trees as the rest of the Northeast combined.
Wine Speculator magazine states “if you like wine and don't know much about New York's Finger Lakes, now is the time to embark on a tasting adventure that also features history, beauty and the culture of a striking American wine region.”  The Cayuga-Seneca Canal offers access to both of these beautiful lakes.
The 177-year-old Erie Canal (completed in 1825) is rich with historic cities, towns, villages, and hamlets. Seneca Falls was the location of the first political meeting on women's rights in 1848.  In 1872 Susan B. Anthony and several other women actually voted and made headlines for doing it. She was arrested on Thanksgiving Day for her unlawful vote.  She was convicted in 1873 at the United States Court House in Canandaigua, NY. She refused to pay her fine of $100, but Justice Ward Hunt allowed her to go free. Anthony called it, "The greatest judicial outrage history ever recorded."
Hidden Harbor Marina
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• Docks for rent
• Docks have 30 amp electric
• Wash down water
• Picnic area
• Grill
• Fire pit
• Bathhouse
• Winter storage of boats
• Campground sites.
Located in Waterloo, NY. the aptly named Hidden Harbor Marina is a peaceful, secluded marina off from the main roads. Surrounded by wildlife and the sounds of flowing water, there is no where better to feel relaxed and get away from it all.

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Planning Your Itinerary
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